You may have seen that many athletes use sports and sweat towels in indoor sports halls and outdoor sports. They generally use standard towels of the same brands and features. Those who do not do sports regularly or professionally use face towels or bath towels that they brought from home.
However, the most important things to know are; A sports towel is ideal size, super absorbent, odorless and easy to carry.
We have compiled the most frequently asked questions about sports and training towels and have answered them for you. If you are one of those who use sports towels, let us know your comments and opinions. Let’s pass this information on to our new friends.

What is a gym sweat towel?

The best sports towels are made of polyester and polyamide, which is lighter and more compact than an ordinary towel, and the unique towel texture design can absorb more water than a regular towel.

What use are sports and fitness towels?

Sports training sweat towels are essential for successful training for several reasons: They minimize the spread of germs. Germs are an inevitable part of any gym. Using an exercise towel to wipe the sweat off your face and body will minimize contamination of bacteria and keep them off your hands.

Is a hand towel suitable for use as a sports towel?

Size is a preference, but if you’re training hard for more than 20 minutes, you’ll want a towel that you can easily wrap around the back of your neck over your shoulders. A bath towel is too big and a hand towel is probably too small. Therefore, as the ideal gym towel size, you can choose gym towels with a size of 110×50 cm, 100×50 cm.

Are gym towels different from bath towels?

Bath towels are made almost entirely of cotton or cotton-poly blends, while training towels can be made from cotton, microfiber and cotton-poly blends. At this point, the weight, size and absorbency properties of the towel come to the fore. Therefore, microfiber towels are the most preferred by those who use sports towels.

Should you use a gym towel?

The Gym is a communal environment, so it’s important to keep hygiene at the forefront of your mind. Carrying a sweat towel and bringing it to every gym provides extra cleaning and means you can wipe the machines for the next user. In addition, it undertakes the task of absorbing sweat, which is the main function of the towel. This will reduce your chances of getting sick.

Are microfiber towels good for the gym?

The best gym towels are portable, quick-drying, and odor-resistant. Therefore, opt for fast-drying and odor-resistant microfiber or synthetic fabrics. It will be better if the training sweat towels have antibacterial properties.

How many gym towels do I need?

If possible, you should carry 2 gym towels. One of these will help you cover the surfaces of shared equipment in the gym. Maybe a swim/beach towel would be a good choice for this purpose. You should wipe surfaces with antibacterial spray (currently provided by most gyms) and paper towels before covering them. Carry a third more soulmate cooling gym towel to wipe off your own sweat.

Should you take a shower at the gym?

If your gym has showers, it makes sense to use them. Short showers of 3-5 minutes will suffice. Then your gym towel may not be enough to dry. You can use a bath towel or a compact microfiber beach towel. We recommend that you review our beach towels.

Are microfiber towels better than cotton gym towels?

Microfiber is extremely absorbent (it can absorb up to seven times its weight in water), making it very effective at absorbency. Cleaning experts say that microfiber is much more effective and useful than cotton when compared side by side.

What is a cooling gym towel?

Cooling towels are special towels made in hot weather, designed to help employees adjust their body temperature to a comfortable level. At this point, a microfiber sports towel will meet your needs.

How often should I wash the gym towel?

Towels with body fluid (sweat) on them should be washed after a single use. Sports towels that absorb sweat or those that stay damp in your gym bag for several hours should be washed after one use. Towels kept in a bathroom that is often damp and not completely dry should be washed after one use.

Are microfiber towels worth it?

One square inch of a microfiber fiber towel, which is about 100 times thinner than a human hair, holds close to 200,000 fibers, creating a larger surface area to absorb moisture. Because microfiber lasts longer than cotton, these towels are good value for money up to about 500 washes.

Are microfiber towels harmful to the skin?

Microfibers are great for your skin as they are great for unclogging pores and not causing irritation. They do not harm, on the contrary, they can make you happier with their touch than a cotton ball.

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