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You can place an order by contacting us on our Whatsapp line. +90 (532) 761 8533

You can exchange and return the product within 15 days after you receive it.
For exchange and return;
  • The product has not been used.
  • The packaging must be intact.
Just contact us at regarding your request.

In order to be able to return and exchange, the prerequisite is that the product is unused and its packaging is intact. In all other conditions, you can return or exchange the product within 15 days.

The cost of product return and product exchange belongs to the buyer.

We use the National Cargo Company PTT, which is the most affordable of all, due to the incredibly high shipping rates. If Soulmate will pay the return shipping fee, the cargo must be sent via PTT.

The returned product process is as follows:
After the product reaches us, its compliance with the return conditions is checked.
If the product complies with the return conditions, the return process is completed within 2-10 days.
If the product does not comply with the return conditions, it will be sent back to your address.
When your return is complete, an information message will be sent to your membership e-mail.
If you have received this message, it means that your bank has been refunded by Soulmate.
Always open your order next to the courier.
If the package content is missing or incorrect:
1. Never take delivery of the cargo.
2. Attach “Damage Assessment Report” to the cargo officer.
3. Return the product/box with this report and invoice back to Soulmate.
4. Please contact us through the following communication channels regarding the situation.
If you did not open the product with the cargo officer, please send us your request with a detailed explanation of the situation and a few photos at the above address:
Our Expert Customer Advisor will review your request and return as soon as possible.

VAT is included in the sales price of every product sold on Soulmate. However, you have to bear the customs costs that will occur.

There is no gift package and note application.



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