Cotton Towels & Microfiber Towels & Bamboo Towels Comprehensive Comparison

Bath, sea, beach, sports, sports towel is something that everyone has used for all kinds of purposes and purposes for centuries. A quality towel will be one that can gently dry hands and body without requiring a lot of cleaning. Drying should be sufficient against both water and sweat. Therefore, the absorbent feature of a quality towel is at the forefront. Of course, while expressing this, the weight and thinness of the towel should also be included in this absorbency concept.
There are various towels on the market today, as all manufacturers, including us, are constantly trying to introduce new products. There are several factors that determine the types of towels on the market.


  • Cotton
  • microfiber
  • Bamboo
  • linen
  • lyocell
  • Mixtures of these fibers in different proportions and others.

Square meter weight of towel (Weight in grams of one square meter)

  • 150 GSM
  • 180 GSM
  • 200 GSM
  • 300 GSM
  • 400 GSM
  • 500 GSM etc.
Texture of Towel
Touch of Towel
Pattern of Towel
Towel Size
The purpose of the towel


Cotton Towels

There are many types of cotton on the planet and each manufacturer uses different types of cotton to make their towels, the bath towels described as the best in the world are Egyptian cotton bath towels. However, the most used, the most accessible and the one that pleases almost everyone is the Turkish towel.
Cotton towels are thicker, softer and extremely delicate; but then they take more time to dry. You’ll get that luxurious and delicate cotton feel if you choose a luxurious Egyptian or Supima cotton grade made from premium cotton that provides better, more grounded threads. Amazing cotton is also known to stand out among the most reliable texture options. Cotton towels get a lot softer after washing, especially after a quick spin in the dryer. Cotton is both durable and absorbent. But as we said, it is very bulky, heavy and drying times are long. Therefore, they are not preferred in areas such as beaches and pools.


Benefits of cotton towels:

  • Reasonable: Cotton is also one of the cheapest materials that determines how to deliver high quality to buyers. This is what makes it so well known and the most standard type of towel out there.
  • Easy to dye: Simply dyeing with natural materials allows the towel to change color without chemically changing its composition.
  • Easy to wash: These towels are extremely simple to clean. All you need is a washing machine and you’re ready!

Cons of cotton towels:

  • Easily damaged: Cotton towels can be damaged more easily than other towels.
  • Colors and washing: If you are going to wash one of your cotton towels in the washing machine, you may need to avoid washing it with your clothes. Sometimes colors come off and may affect other products.
  • Measurement issues: Sometimes your cotton towels may shrink as you dry them.
  • It’s heavy: If you really want it to be highly absorbent, you’ll have to buy a thick, swirled cotton towel. Thin cotton towels may not satisfy you.

Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels consist of manufactured polymer threads that are several times better than human hair. This gives them water, soil, dirt, etc. It gives a special ability to hold and hold. Compared to a cotton thread, microfibers are incredibly fine. Most microfiber towels are made of polyester or nylon. They are incredibly robust. It offers many years of use.
Microfiber towels are generally thinner than cotton, but due to their finely woven structure, they absorb a surprising amount of liquid. Likewise, they dry quickly and are less prone to mold. Microfiber towels in general use are very thin and light, so they take up very little space. They offer more than adequate performance in absorbing liquid after your beach, sports and seaside activities. However, such a thin towel may not satisfy you after taking a bath. You may not get that usual hug feeling.


Benefits of microfiber towels:

Super absorbent: Microfiber bath towels are widely used in pools, beaches, travel, camping and sports because of their high absorbent quality. When swimmers leave the pool, they use them to dry their bodies.
Easy to dry: Microfiber bath towels are widely preferred by people living in colder areas where it is not so easy to dry your towel after shower. Indeed, even at room temperature, microfiber towels dry much faster than cotton towels, so they keep your towel fresh and prevent mold growth.


Cons of microfiber towels

Special wash care: Microfiber shower towel requires exceptional care during washing. An additional effort is required on your part to hold such towels. You can wash cotton shower towels in your washing machine with heated water and cleaner, but washing these towels is more elaborate. To wash microfiber towels, you had to follow the washing instructions. You can use your microfiber towels for a long time by following these basic washing instructions.

Bamboo Towels

Bamboo towels, as the name suggests, are towels made from bamboo fibers and offer an eco-friendly option as opposed to standard cotton towels. Bamboo yarn is softer than cotton, has a high moisture absorption feature, so it absorbs liquid quickly and dries, more manageable than cotton and above all renewable. It gives the normal delicate quality to the satin-finished towel.
Bamboo’s amazing anti-microbial properties make it a natural, hygienic choice for toilet conditions. It has a unique natural shine and its quality feels like cashmere. Also, when used in hot environments, it keeps the skin cooler and warmer in cold weather. It is clean and defensive with characteristic UV properties, safe odor and antistatic properties that make it outperform cotton towels.
Like cotton towels, bamboo towels are normally made entirely from bamboo yarns. Almost the same as cotton, it can be mixed very well with different types of materials such as spandex or polyester, but the nature of the towel will suffer from the blend. But this completely depends on the material of the mixture. Bamboo towels can be combined with cotton to make an extremely amazing item for your toilet.
However, their duration of use is very short and they are not very suitable for outdoor environments such as beach and sports because they are sensitive.


Benefits of Bamboo Towels:

  • High-density absorbency: One of the most interesting features of these towels is their water absorption capacity. The ability of bamboo fibers to release moisture is also extraordinary.
  • Incredible for nature: These towels are actually very eco-friendly. The properties of the bamboo plant make it grow very fast and making these towels does not harm the nature.
  • Convenience : Towels are quite delicate, especially when they are made strictly from bamboo and without a blend. This is what really makes them a great decision for home use.

Cons of Bamboo Towels:

  • Quality control: Before purchasing a bamboo product, you need to make sure it meets your criteria by choosing a reliable manufacturer wisely. Few manufacturers are able to offer quality products.
  • Expensive:  Bamboo towels have higher label prices than their cotton counterparts.

Which Is The Most Comfortable Towel?

A cotton towel is the most comfortable towel for ordinary use at home. It is especially great after a bath. They surround you.
Microfiber towels, on the other hand, are best for travel and outings as they are compact and easy to carry.
Like cotton, bamboo towels are also very comfortable to use. However, its use is limited.


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