Spring is just around the corner and summer is just around the corner! Take out your beach bag, if you can’t find one, buy one right away. It’s time to stuff it nicely and get it ready to go. We should be ready for summer without wasting any time and be ready to sunbathe. 

Although we call it a beach bag in the title, you can also choose a backpack or a shoulder bag instead. 

The essential for me is the backpack with a wonderful Soulmate microfiber beach towel inside.

You may not know or guess exactly what you need when going to the beach. In general, the needs are evident right at the beach and differ from day to day. However, we will still prepare a checklist-like list for you. Just in case!

Beach Bag

You need a good beach bag before you pack your sunscreen, sunglasses, beach towel. As I said, the backpack is also a super option. We recommend you beach bags made of a synthetic fabric that is easy to carry, if possible waterproof, with zippered inner and outer pockets. The fact that it can be easily washed and dried quickly will make you extra happy. I will not recommend you a beach bag of a particular brand. Because soon Soulmate Beach Bags will be your new review.


Forget everything, don’t forget your sunglasses. Sunglasses are the only thing that will save your life before, on and after the beach. It is very very important! While it may be tempting to take your branded sunglasses to the beach, consider the long hours at the beach, the sand, and the wind. These will damage your wonderful glasses. For the inevitable wear and tear to cause minimal damage to your purse, include a below-average, disposable sunglasses in your beach bag and wear them all day on the beach. It also filters UV-A and UV-B light to help protect your eyes. choose sunglasses. While purchasing here, Atasun Optik will meet your needs. Each warranty gives you both exchange and return options.

Beach Hat

You can imagine yourself lying on a sun lounger under an umbrella on the beach with a Coke or beer in hand. But know that you will get up from that chaise longue, play ball, dance and lie in the sun. At this point, where will you begin to be searched for my dawn. I say take your precautions first. Whether it’s a wide-brimmed hat that covers your head, a baseball cap, or a fisherman’s cap, a hat is a great way to protect your scalp from the sun! A hat will help protect your face and neck from UV rays; No one wants a sunburned scalp! I love Goorin Bros brand hats, although they are expensive. If you don’t lose it, you can use it for life.

Water resistant slippers or sandals

If you are going to meet the water at the beach, then your feet need slippers that are not affected by water. You don’t need to put the slipper in your bag, you can wear it on your feet while going to the beach. Flip-flops and Soulmate are my favourites, as I have observed recently. But my favorite is the slippers in your foot form called “barefoot”. At this stage, Soulmate takes a step forward in terms of protecting the foot form. However, it is best to buy a real barefoot slipper or sandal in terms of both the foot form and the thinness and flexibility of the sole. Call’s tip: Pack a few more pairs of slippers in your beach bag in case something happens to a couple.


This is a topic that I personally hate but have to use. UVB rays are the main cause of sunburn and skin cancer, and UVA rays cause premature aging. For this reason, I recommend finding a sunscreen with a broad spectrum, strong against UVA and UVB rays. Additionally, your sunscreen should have an SPF of 30 or higher. Anything with an SPF below 15 only protects against sunburn, not skin cancer or aging. And finally, “water resistant” does not mean “waterproof”! Apply sunscreen every two hours when in the sun and every hour when swimming or sweating. My favorite brand is Nivea. There is no special reason, I can say it is a habit from childhood.

Sunscreen Lip Balm

It’s not really essential. Something I don’t use. But if your lips are sensitive and  Add it to your list if it needs protection! Throw this lip balm in your beach bag to protect your lips from harmful sun rays .

Beach Towel 

Here it is very important. , heavy and bulky towels come to mind. Takes up a lot of space in your bag. It should be engraved in your mind that; Soulmate is the most suitable and quality beach towel you can buy in Turkey. No need for humility! Microfiber beach towel takes you little space in your bag and takes you home with its fast drying and drying feature. also happily sends. You can even take a few with you and flaunt your mood at the beach with their colorful and lively patterns.

Bluetooth Speakers and Headphone

Indispensable, unforgettable! If you’re going to the beach with a group of friends, Bluetooth speaker is at the top of your list of things to put in your beach bag. Enjoy the beach as you listen to your favorite songs. If you are going to have your beach experience alone, I would definitely say take a bluetooth headset with you. 


Sometimes at the beach you want to be isolated. Living those peaceful moments by yourself, dreaming… If you have a favorite book by a favorite author, you can achieve what you want even better. If you don’t have your book with you, how are you different from others who sit on the chaise longue and deal with their phone all day?

Snacks and Water

Sea, sand, sun… These are the elements that make you hungry. Don’t go without some biscuits, maybe a sandwich you made at home, or a few bottles of water. If you’re going to a secluded beach with no grocery store nearby, you’ll know what I mean.

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